Apr. 15th, 2006

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Wow! What a fab and busy and social day!!

I have been on big magical mystery tour adventures with [personal profile] felinebird followed by drinkies with [personal profile] whalefish followed by a mad Tesco dash for more drinkies which were taken back to [personal profile] felinebird's lovely flat for music and chat. 

All round it was a fabulous adventure which unfolded and I had great fun and a good laugh and all round thoroughly enjoyed myself and the company. Thanks for a fab Good Friday Lucy and Jon!

I will post all the photos probably tomorrow :D

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I have just uploaded copious amounts of photos (edited even then!) to Flickr.
The flutterby's, birds and fish are here and the deer in Bushy Park are here

But a few selected highlights are behind the cuts for those who don't wade through *grins*

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I have been exploring the weebls-stuff and here are a few more links!!

A special Easter Egg one for you!!

Magical Trevor

Magical Trevor 2

This reminded me of our adventures yesterday - Flutterby

I found the Poo and Wee song too....who the heck invented that??!!

Oh and on a more random note, I have discovered there is a DIRECT train from Guildford to Sheffield that takes about 2 hours!! YAY!!! That is going to make life soooooo much easier for me than trekking across London :)
Yay for Virgin Trains.

Oh and I lied yesterday...I lay in bed last night and I reckon I may actually have done as many as 10 train journeys in the last 14 years!!
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I think that living in non million £ houses has had an added bonus....

...for the first time in my life I have had an ice cream van come up the road :D

..... YAY!! How exciting :D I dreamed all my life of having an ice cream van come up my road and now at the age of 33 I have one :) Roll on the next time...I will be waiting!!


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