Treats :)

Feb. 28th, 2006 08:15 pm
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There is something deliciously decadent about eating piping hot chips soaked in salt and vinegar out of the paper with cold fingers :)
Just the treat I needed :)

I have had a chat to Jamie and Boggy on the way home and Tiggy has had a lovely First Birthday and has coated herself in chocolate cake :)) She and Boggy loved her presents and Jamie loved what I sent for him. I have asked for some photos :)

It is also Myrtle's "birthday" today...well it should really be tomorrow, but there is no tomorrow. So Happy Birthday Myrtle!!
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I just want to thank the army for their fly past earlier!!

A series of (I think) 6 helicopters went over after another in a perfect line nose to tail. At the front was a huge helicopter...chinook is it?...with 2 rotor blades, followed by a slightly smaller helicopter, then a slightly smaller one, and then another smaller one until at the back was a baby one :)

I grabbed my camera but they had gone and didn't return.
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I wandered off from my last posting and peeked behind the curtain and saw 2 boxes of flowers sat on the step :))) so that prompted me to get dressed very quickly!!!

One box was from my mum and the other was a real surprise from my older bossses (not the ones I just left but the previous ones). I was most touched :)
I also got another 4 cards from my Dad, mum, and 2 old friends :))

Just gearing up to go to Guildford...I have given up on the idea of swimming!!
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Ok...we aren't going to Queen next if anyone wants 3 Golden Circle (at the front) tickets for next Friday 15th then let me know asap. We will probably put them on Ebay but we have to return them by Wed for a refund otherwise.

Meanwhile I am trying to arrange to go out for my birthday. So what is on at the cinema which is non scary / non violent / non sci-fi / is nice and fluffy and has that feel good factor??

Also where in Guildford would be good to eat on a Friday evening??

What else could I do tomorrow??


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