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Today I am truly proud to be British.

After being at Live8 and seeing what Bob Geldof managed to pull off, not just in Hyde Park, but globally...and the quality and quantity of the acts who came to London. Having seen the crowds of people supporting Live8 and participating and echoing the sentiments and ethos of the day that was being put across. Having seen Birhan, rescued from death at the age of 4, by direct intevention from money raised by British people......I feel proud to be British.

And now....we have the opportunity to shine again in 2012....with the Olympics. How proud did I feel to be British when the IOC said that magic word "London". I know very little about the bid, but I understand it will offer huge benefits to the 3rd most deprived borough in the UK. It is 200 years since we last held the Olympics in London and it is about time it returned!

Over the last few years I have seen a whole series of things which make me proud to the British which include Live 8, Millenium night, having visited the Millenium Dome (yes I know it eventually flopped), seen the London Eye raised, seen England win the Rugby World cup, and Liverpool the Champions League and much more.....I am proud today to be British. I know there will be loads of teething troubles re the Olympics and loads of negative hype before hand, but on the day it will all be amazing...and I hope I get the chance to be there.

The only very scary thing is that by the time the Olympics open in 2012, I will have just celebrated my 40th Birthday....EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!


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