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I am going "home" ....well up north! Yay!

My nephew!

Apr. 29th, 2006 09:19 pm
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The Duracell batteries finally ran out and Jamie is now laid next to me on the sofa hugging his teddybear and snoring gently looking incredibly cute :D

However he has insisted on sleeping next to me on the floor tonight :S
I may not find him quite so cute overnight :S
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I am the very proud owner of a very beautiful, very shiny, very clean black metallic Megane Coupe Cabriolet :D

I am also sat here with some of my favourite people: Jamie, Boggy and Martin with Tiggs asleep upstairs.

I am one very very very very happy Jussy right now :D
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I am blinking impressed by my level of organization under pressure and also by the magic of technology.

I got the phonecall at 9.52 and bought my ticket at Haslemere station at 10.50.
Given my level of panic and frantic phone calls, and not knowing a single train time apart from that one to Sheffield arrived around 12 noon, I have done pretty well. I really hope I haven't forgotten anything although right now I wish I had remembered my travel sickness tablets but I will survive ....I have only eaten yet another apple today so far and drunk water not apple juice! I did have to run back for some PJ's though!

This train is rather cool. I mean I have huge amounts of leg room...more than any plane I have ever been on. I find the lack of a seatbelt weird lol but its well cool coz I have my own private power socket so I can listen to music on my phone and surf and play games all the way with free power! :D I did remember to throw in a book and my uni book too. Unfortunately I never thought to throw in my xda headphones or my stereo phone ones, but I have an earpiece which does the job and I can beam any other music across from my xda if I want to. How cool is technology?? I am well impressed. My xda has made things soooooo much easier to check times, phone numbers etc. en route.

The last train I went long distance on was first class on Eurostar about 8 years ago, pre that it would have been the old 125 for a job interview in London in 1992. So this is all rather novel! I just need to chill out, calm down a tad and enjoy the views whizzing by!

I am most bemused at this all happening! Most bemused....but boy how exciting!

New Toy

Aug. 1st, 2005 07:10 pm
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I have a new toy.....a very very very nice new toy :D

I have a very very nice new bright shiny screened laptop. It is all singing and dancing.
It has a 15' widescreen bright screen. It has a card reader, wi-fi, bluetooth, 4 usb ports, dvd rewriter and tons more. I am very very happy :)
Now I just have to transfer everything across...now THAT'S why I have 2 weeks holiday!

I also went to Ikea today and bought tons of cushions, pillows, plants, a computer chair (to save my bum next TMA) and more! What a day but it is so nice to be with my family :D
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I'm free! :D
I'm officially on holiday :D
I have two whole weeks off :D
I'm off to see my family again :D

....there is just the tiny teeny matter of an essay to churn out tomorrow first.....but who cares!

I am on holiday and don't have to get up at the crack of dawn for 16 whole days :)



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