Apr. 28th, 2006 04:19 pm
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I am sat at the top of Guildford High Street in glorious sunshine pondering the history of the place. Isn't it funny how you never really consider the place you live in but take it so for granted.
In front of me is the fabulous turreted hospital which is like a mini tower of London IMHO. Attached are a series of houses. I wish I knew enough history to say which came first, but its clear that the gaps between the larger houses have slowly been infilled to create a terrace. Each house is very different. I guess its one of the idiosyncrasies and beauties of England having so much history. I guess we here take it for granted that different periods of housing can ajoin. But you don't get it in America and apparently not in NZ or Oz. We don't appreciate it enough probably. The beautiful church with its peaceful graveyard square is behind me. I love the cobbled High Street of Guildford.
I must do one of the history tours that [ profile] felinebird talks about sometime. As a tourist you would explore, but as a local you just seem blind to what's there to discover.
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I just wanted to say how beautiful Guildford looks at the minute. They certainly haven't skimped on daffodils are there are huge banks of yellow flowers everywhere. Absolutely lovely. I am enjoying their splashes of colour :D


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