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My day began with a premature Happy Birthday phonecall from Stuart. It was really nice of him to phone at all and it was a nice way to start the day...even if it was a week early!

I went and let Barney, D and D's dog out. He whined when I left him which was hard :(
I did a tesco shop, bought picnic food for tomorrow and loaded the car up, drove to the new flat. I worked hard all day and the flat is looking much better...I can see the bed, I have nearly organised all my clothes, I did some washing etc. I left feeling much more positive although there is still lots to do.

I then had my haircut...the first time for a year...but the lady said it was in really good condition :)
I drove home, sat down, then remembered I hadn't let Barney in :( ...so had to go back and see him. He was soooo excited to see me.

I got home and realized that my boss ha pulled the plug on the phone line. I don't blame him but it is a pain. I am on my XDA which is slow work :(

But it spurred me to clean the work flat and it is almost done now :) One less job to do.

However the overriding feeling of the day is hyper excitement .....it is Live8 in only a few hours :D
I am sooooooooooooooooooooo very very excited. I can't wait :D
I have been listening to Capital Radio who have had snippets of the sound checks. I just feel extremely privileged to be going :D
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I am sat typing to you from the floor of my flat :(

I have my laptop perched on a packing box and the TV is on the floor next to me and the printer on the other side. The whole of the rest of my flat apart from my sofa bed is now empty. I don't even have a washing machine. Thank goodness the fridge and cooker are built in or I may have lost them as well!!!

I was sooo tired today, I almost crawled back into bed at lunchtime. However I remembered that I had bought some ProPlus last week in anticipation of being knackered from the stupid hours of my new job...so took some. And amazingly I now feel fine and bouncy and have done loads of jobs since finishing work....the worst of which was scrubbing the grill and shelves of my cooker :( I stink of Brillo pads now :( Yuk!


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