My nephew!

Apr. 29th, 2006 09:19 pm
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The Duracell batteries finally ran out and Jamie is now laid next to me on the sofa hugging his teddybear and snoring gently looking incredibly cute :D

However he has insisted on sleeping next to me on the floor tonight :S
I may not find him quite so cute overnight :S
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I am the very proud owner of a very beautiful, very shiny, very clean black metallic Megane Coupe Cabriolet :D

I am also sat here with some of my favourite people: Jamie, Boggy and Martin with Tiggs asleep upstairs.

I am one very very very very happy Jussy right now :D
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Had a massive panic in Brum when I heard the answer machine for the garage say they shut at 5 on Saturday's. The troops have been scrambled and Sis is on her way to pick me up etc. However we now know they shut at 6. Thank goodness for mobile phone, e-mail and the internet. I would have been stuffed today without them. And thank goodness for lovely sisters!

BTW its amazing how the landscape has changed suddenly into hills and northern style houses!
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I am blinking impressed by my level of organization under pressure and also by the magic of technology.

I got the phonecall at 9.52 and bought my ticket at Haslemere station at 10.50.
Given my level of panic and frantic phone calls, and not knowing a single train time apart from that one to Sheffield arrived around 12 noon, I have done pretty well. I really hope I haven't forgotten anything although right now I wish I had remembered my travel sickness tablets but I will survive ....I have only eaten yet another apple today so far and drunk water not apple juice! I did have to run back for some PJ's though!

This train is rather cool. I mean I have huge amounts of leg room...more than any plane I have ever been on. I find the lack of a seatbelt weird lol but its well cool coz I have my own private power socket so I can listen to music on my phone and surf and play games all the way with free power! :D I did remember to throw in a book and my uni book too. Unfortunately I never thought to throw in my xda headphones or my stereo phone ones, but I have an earpiece which does the job and I can beam any other music across from my xda if I want to. How cool is technology?? I am well impressed. My xda has made things soooooo much easier to check times, phone numbers etc. en route.

The last train I went long distance on was first class on Eurostar about 8 years ago, pre that it would have been the old 125 for a job interview in London in 1992. So this is all rather novel! I just need to chill out, calm down a tad and enjoy the views whizzing by!

I am most bemused at this all happening! Most bemused....but boy how exciting!
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Happy 32nd Birthday Boggy!

I hope you have a wonderful day :)

Treats :)

Feb. 28th, 2006 08:15 pm
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There is something deliciously decadent about eating piping hot chips soaked in salt and vinegar out of the paper with cold fingers :)
Just the treat I needed :)

I have had a chat to Jamie and Boggy on the way home and Tiggy has had a lovely First Birthday and has coated herself in chocolate cake :)) She and Boggy loved her presents and Jamie loved what I sent for him. I have asked for some photos :)

It is also Myrtle's "birthday" today...well it should really be tomorrow, but there is no tomorrow. So Happy Birthday Myrtle!!


Dec. 27th, 2005 04:19 pm
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Having a lovely time at my sisters playing yet more PS2 and Bop It and my sis is tearing her hair out trying to do the Bedlam cube that I gave her for Christmas!
We have just totally terrified my 8 month old niece with a pink walking pig which she hated sooooo much!!!
It has been snowing all day which is lovely to see :)
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Just a quick note to christen my new laptop by making a LJ entry :)
I have finally transferred everything across (dreamily easily!) and everything seems to be working so far, although I need to find some software when I get home for things like my printer :)
It is taking some getting used to. The keyboard is different and the screen is much wider and I keep finding settings that need altering e.g. I was downloading Norton updates and wandered off and found the whole thing had shut down :( I think I have fixed that now tho!

I spent the day at Boggy's. I had lots of cuddles with Tiggs and we went and watched Jamie on his motorbike. For 4, he has better control than many of the teenagers that were there...amazing! He can't half wheelie as well!

I cleared my old laptop for Boggy...I just hope it works ok for her now and that I didn't remove something vital!!

New Toy

Aug. 1st, 2005 07:10 pm
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I have a new toy.....a very very very nice new toy :D

I have a very very nice new bright shiny screened laptop. It is all singing and dancing.
It has a 15' widescreen bright screen. It has a card reader, wi-fi, bluetooth, 4 usb ports, dvd rewriter and tons more. I am very very happy :)
Now I just have to transfer everything THAT'S why I have 2 weeks holiday!

I also went to Ikea today and bought tons of cushions, pillows, plants, a computer chair (to save my bum next TMA) and more! What a day but it is so nice to be with my family :D


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